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Let’s face it: Efficient payroll management should be a top priority for every employer—large or small. And while payroll can consume a lot of time and attention for employers, working with a trusted payroll provider can save you time by helping you focus on running and expanding your business.

LBMC Employment Partners provides user-friendly, menu-driven, and secure payroll solutions that require no special hardware or complicated training, making life easier for our clients.

Our system frees up valuable management time, and a designated payroll representative is available to answer questions. Payroll data can easily flow into your accounting system, and all tax reporting requirements are managed for you. You can easily generate your own special reports from real-time data that is available 24 hours a day.

LBMC EP is dedicated to helping employers maintain the highest of standards with payroll management. Our payroll specialists can help navigate the complexities of payroll processing in a timely and efficient manner, keeping you and your employees happy and productive.

Client Testimonial

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Holly Robitaille, our Payroll Team Lead, consistently provides world-class customer service, promptly addressing and resolving a variety of payroll-related questions with unwavering patience. Regardless of the complexity or repetition of my inquiries, Holly’s dedication and professionalism shine through, making her a real asset to LBMC and an invaluable member of our team.
Vice President of Business Development and Investor Relations at a non-profit organization.
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LBMC EP provides a fresh, third-party perspective through its knowledge of employment-related regulations related to various HR situations that arise in the normal course of business. Their partnership allows our team to focus on day-to-day responsibilities, improving workflow by providing insight on best practices for ongoing employee relationships.
Communication & Marketing Outreach Coordinator of a Tennessee nonprofit

Benefits of LBMC EP’s Payroll Services

Designated Payroll Specialist
Designated Payroll Specialist

Expert Payroll Tax Administration and Compliance
Expert Payroll Tax Administration and Compliance

Accurate and Timely Payroll Processing and Reporting
Accurate and Timely Payroll Processing and Reporting

General Ledger Reports and Downloads
General Ledger Reports and Downloads

Check Register and Reconciliation Reporting
Check Register and Reconciliation Reporting

More Time to Run Your Business
More Time to Run Your Business

Client Testimonial

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At my previous company, we processed payroll in-house. We always had so many questions, week in and week out, and it tended to really bog us down. With LBMC EP, everything is seamlessly taken care of. Everybody is reliably paid every week. We don’t have to worry; we know that someone is taking care of it for us. Being with LBMC EP, payroll is something that we haven’t had to put our energy into. We prefer to utilize local businesses whenever we are able because we believe in Nashville. We want to give back to our community, and LBMC EP allows us that freedom.
CFO of a local grocery store in Middle Tennessee
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Excellent customer service combined with vast human resources knowledge are two major reasons other companies should consider partnering with LBMC EP. They can also effectively implement their payroll system with yours to keep things functioning and moving smoothly in the transition. They have improved our business workflow by keeping our companies compliant with HR regulations and saved our employees so much time by preparing tax forms and giving us the information we need to open new tax accounts when necessary.
Vice President of Finance at a Memphis roofing company
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While seeking out a payroll processor I wanted a hands-on company that valued service above all. Being able to talk to someone is important to me since that’s the same kind of service I offer my clients. I wanted the same thing with our payroll provider. Since we have been with LBMC Employment Partners when I have a question or an issue, I can call my person and I know if she doesn’t know the answer, she knows who does and can get it quickly. That is the relationship we were looking for. We want to make sure we take care of our clients, and we want to make sure the partnerships we bring on, and partners, agree and feel the same. We need them to have the same integrity and business process as us and LBMC does.
Accounting Manager/HR Manager at a Nashville travel agency
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Due to a change in state and federal funding, I decided to take on my contractors as full-time employees and needed to provide payroll and healthcare. I had no idea how to do that. My initial meeting with LBMC Employment Partners made me feel at ease, as I had never been through this process before. The health insurance is very reasonable, and the customer service is always solid. They helped take the worry and angst out of payroll and healthcare benefits management. If you’re looking for a payroll or human resource service provider, go with LBMC and never look back. The company and its people are that good.
President & CEO of a Tennessee nonprofit

Payroll Solutions Tailored to Your Business


  • Accurate and Timely Payroll Processing
  • Report Time with Easy-to-Use E-Sheet
  • Availability to Review Entire Payroll Register with Totals Prior to Processing
  • Check Printing (or Direct Deposit) and Distribution with Option to Add a Personalized Message to Employees
  • Ad-Hoc Reporting Capabilities on Real-Time Data
    • Report Library
    • Report Writer
    • Custom Applications Available
  • Time Clock Interface and Time Clock Solution (at a separate discounted rate)
    • UKG Ready
  • Payroll History Is Retained
  • SSAE-16 Compliant
  • Employee Self-Serve (at a separate discounted rate)


  • Filing of Federal, State and Local Tax Returns
  • Calculation and Deposit of All Payroll Taxes
  • Quick Response to Tax Inquiries
  • Processing and Printing of W-2s and 1099s
  • New Hire Reporting


  • General Ledger Reports and Downloads
  • General Ledger Interface (Subject to System Requirements)
  • Check Register and Reconciliation Reporting

Choosing the Best Payroll Provider in Nashville

When choosing the best payroll provider in Nashville, Tennessee, it can be hard to know what services to review and consider. Sometimes, it might appear that all payroll services are offering the same thing, but there are a few considerations companies should keep in mind when choosing a payroll provider.

Most payroll service providers provide quality service but there are some who don’t put their clients first. Each year, the IRS sees a few payroll service providers who don’t submit their client’s payroll taxes and closedown abruptly. This leaves the client legally responsible for paying the taxes due, even if they had proactively sent the funds to the payroll service provider for required deposits or payments. Employers need to understand their payroll and employment tax responsibilities and choose a trusted payroll service.

1. Get a Company that Includes Payroll Taxes

Paying employees is only a small part of what companies need to do when processing payroll. Calculating and filing payroll taxes is one of the most complicated and important HR tasks for any business. Not only are payroll taxes time-consuming, but mistakes can result in hefty fines from the IRS. It makes common sense to outsource payroll taxes when also outsourcing payroll processing. Companies in Nashville should look for an all-inclusive payroll provider with a trusted reputation for filing payroll taxes correctly and on time.

2. Choose a Tech-Savvy Company

Some payroll services operate with antiquated or outdated software and user-friendly web tools. Whichever payroll outsourcing company you choose, make sure it uses up-to-date software that can be easily integrated with your company’s HR systems. Payroll services with better technology also tend to be more aware of the security threats to the sensitive data stored in payroll software. Find a company that takes their technology and security seriously.

3. Find a Service with Time-Saving Tools

A lot of information goes into payroll processing and taxes, but some software programs have made it easier to collect, track, and access that information. Finding a payroll provider that has timekeeping tools, online enrollment tools, and employee self-serve will save your company time and money.

4. Prioritize Customer Service

Good payroll software is extremely important. But, sometimes, you will need or want to talk to an actual person. Be sure that your payroll service provider has a customer support team that’s available to coach you through both your initial transition and answer questions for years to come.

5. Pick a Company that Can Grow with Your Business

The main benefit of outsourcing payroll is freeing up time to grow your business. When that growth does happen, you need a payroll service that can scale up to accommodate additional employees and services. Make sure to find a payroll service with a clear pricing structure. This will help avoid any potential surprises as your service increases.

6. Find a Local Payroll Outsourcing Provider

If you’re a Tennessee-based business, you should find a payroll service that is based in Tennessee. Not only does this allow for in-person collaboration, but local providers are more aware of laws that will directly affect your business. Payroll laws are constantly changing, and local providers are the most aware of changes in the areas in which they are based. For a list of recommended CPEO providers by the IRS, see their CPEO Public Listings on

7. Consider Outsourcing Other HR Services

Some payroll outsourcing companies also offer other HR services. Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) can include payroll processing and taxes in a bundle of other HR management services. If you’re already considering outsourcing payroll, it might make sense to outsource other human resources tasks as well.

How do I know I can trust my payroll provider?

The IRS recommended a couple of payroll provider options in a recent Tax Tip to help businesses protect against fraud. There options are as follows:

  • Certified professional employer organization (PEO). In most cases, certified PEOs are liable for paying the customer’s employment taxes, filing returns, and making deposits and payments for the taxes reported related to wages and other compensation. Employers can find these providers on their Public Listings page of
  • Reporting agent. Reporting agents must deposit a client’s taxes using the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System and can exchange information with the IRS on behalf of a client, such as to resolve an issue. They are also required to provide clients a written statement reminding the employer that it, not the reporting agent, is ultimately responsible for the timely filing of returns and payment of taxes.

To prevent fraud, the IRS encourages employers to enroll in EFTPS and make sure its payroll service provider uses EFTPS to make tax deposits. It’s a free service and it gives employers safe and easy online access to their payment history when deposits are made under their Employer Identification Number, enabling them to monitor whether their payroll service provider is meeting its tax deposit responsibilities.

LBMC Employment Partners, LLC, is Tennessee’s premier payroll service provider, with options for every business size. We were the first Tennessee-based PEO to receive the Certified Professional Employment Organization (CPEO) designation in the first round of IRS certifications. To learn more about our payroll services and/or our PEO services, contact us today.

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